What is Smile API?
November 19, 2021

Our CEO, Jerome Eger explains what Smile API is, what problems Smile helps solve for our clients, and how we are different from other solutions out there for KYC, Verification or traditional Credit Scoring.

Watch an excerpt from an online Webinar we did last November 18, 2021 in which our CEO, Jerome Eger, explains what Smile API is, particularly how we can help solve problems commonly experienced by many financial services and financial technology companies. He also went into detail about what differentiates Smile from other solutions out there for KYC, identity and employment verification, and traditional credit scoring.

Get good customers with better data.

We provide instant access to the most recent, comprehensive, verified data about your users' identity, employment and income in the industry. Use it to make better decisions, increase adoption and conversion, lower cost and reduce risk.


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