One Trusted Source for Employment Data in Asia


We provide a single API to get employment and income data from different platforms

Banks, fintechs, recruitment agencies, and other service providers can leverage employment and income data to increase adoption and conversion, reduce cost, and reduce risk, through a single API. Permission to access their own personal data is given by each individual users themselves, so they can seamlessly share this data with the parties they trust.

Use our API for your web, mobile and desktop applications


Fast Access

Instant access to the data your customers share for you to verify their identity, income and employment.

Get access to over 100 employment data points for a wide and growing coverage in Asia

RESTful API access

Test your application with real and dummy data in our sandbox

Receive data in JSON format

  • Identity
  • Employment
  • Income


Multiple use cases and business models can be enabled via our APIs:

Streamline work and income verification

Create more accurate risk models

Auto-populate application forms

Streamline employee hiring and onboarding


Get vetted identity information from current and previous employers such as name, contacts, address, and document verification status.


Get financial information, including account balances, previous transactions, and other relevant financial information.


Get previous employment history, including job title, status, tenure, employer names, employer contact information, and others.


Get previous income information such as base pay, gross pay, net pay, tand other components that make up income.


Get past ratings or performance evaluations. Get date, ratings and related work performed. Rating can be a leading indicator for credit-worthiness.


Get data on assets owned and used for employment such as vehicles, devices, equipment and others that may be useful for qualification and verification.


Get past educational background such as schools attended, date of attendance, degrees or diplomas earned and others.


Get documentary information such as ID cards, diplomas, certificates, and

other types of documentary information owned by a person..

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