Smile for your Background Check Process

Say goodbye to hours of verifying references and hello to effortless, accurate background checks. With Smile, you can finally stop worrying about the authenticity of your candidates and focus on what really matters - making the best hires.

Did you know?


of applicants overstate their skills


of applicants change their work experience


of applicants misrepresent their job roles


can change that.

Automate Background Checks in 10 Seconds

Employment History

Validate your recruit's work experience with a complete employment history report including tenure, company names, and more!

Proof of Past Income

Assess your job offers with estimated past/current compensation and benefits data

Criminal Background Check

Screen for potential red flags for increased safety

How it works


Enter job applicant's name, email address, and hit send.


The applicant received an email prompt to self-verify through payroll systems, gig-economy, and government platforms


View a report that includes your applicant's identity, past employer, contributions, and criminal history in one PDF file!

Pricing Plans

Smile Checks

₱1,375 per employee

Recruit faster with Smile Checks today!


Identity Check

Criminal History Check

Employment History Check

Professional Credentials 

Data is all user-authorized in compliance with the Privacy Policy

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Smile Checks

₱275 per employee



Identity Check

Criminal History Check

Employment History Check

Professional Credentials

Data is all user-authorized in compliance with the Privacy Policy

Payment Methods:

Invoices will be promptly generated and issued upon receipt of payment to facilitate reimbursement requirements.


How is this in compliance with the Data Privacy Act?

Every background check is authorized by the new employee. No paperwork required.

Is it free?

There is a minimum fee involved. Limited slots are available for this promotion.

How does it work?

You can send us 1 name and email address of your candidate or anyone internally and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a comprehensive report!

Who is Smile API?

We are an employment verification solution and trusted by multiple lending companies. We are now expanding our solution among HR practitioners to support the recruitment process with our instant, automated, and new employee authorized background check solution. While our current clients have enjoyed faster loan application processing and lower delinquency rates, we can do the same for HR — faster employee onboarding process and significantly lower hiring risks.


CreditEase, Plug and Play invest in Smile API, an employment data startup targeting gig workers

Southeast Asia Deals Monitor: Smile API gets investment from Credit Ease and Plug and Play

BSP said its regulated institutions should assess borrowers in "a holistic and prudent manner"

Utilizing fintech to streamline employment and income data from different platforms

Smile API formally debuts in the Philippines, pitches privacy-centric digital platform

Company launches employee info system to make data accessible to financial institutions in the Philippines

Smile API to launch of a new digital platform designed to facilitate loan application approval within a few seconds

Smile API's secure employee-owned data fast tracks application for financial services


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