Smile for Pre-Employment Screening and Background Checks

With Smile Checks, you can confidently make better hiring decisions in record time. We prioritize speed, reliability, and a user-friendly experience, empowering you to navigate background checking effortlessly.


Did you know?


of applicants overstate their skills and lie about their qualifications


of applicants omit many details about their work experience


of applicants misrepresent their previous job roles

Automate Background Checks in 1 Day


Verify their identity, professional credentials, and make sure they have current police clearances.

Employment History

Validate candidate's employment history report including tenure, company names, and more!

Proof of Past Income

Optimize your job offers by being able to verify the candidate's previous estimated or actual income

How it works


Enter job applicant's name, email address, and hit send.


The applicant will receive an email asking them to validate their submitted information by connecting data about themselves currently stored in authoritative systems such as government platforms, the HR systems of their employer, or even gig platforms they work with.


Get a report in minutes that includes your applicant's identity, contact information, government IDs, past employers, income information and other in one report!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smile Technology?

We aggregate and unlock previously siloed employment and income data coming from HR, payroll, commerce, and marketplace platforms through a single API. Our mission is to give workers in Asia greater access to financial services by facilitating the easy sharing of their employment and income data to businesses and financial services. We do this by providing user-authorized access to this data by acting as a gateway or intermediary between custodians of this data and those interested in consuming the data, such as banks and other financial service institutions.

How are you protecting the candidate's privacy?

Smile believes in the sanctity of one's privacy and that our users are the owners of their personal data, and should always be in full control when and to whom they share their data. Smile seeks to comply with all local laws around data privacy. In the Philippines, we comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) and we help users exercise their right to Data Portability under Section 18 of the Philippine Data Privacy Act.

Why is Smile providing this report?

We seek to give back data control and ownership of your own data to you! This includes your:

  • Identity information
  • Employment history
  • Income data
  • And other relevant information

We believe that by letting you take back control over your own data, you can get access to better opportunities. And by allowing you to share your data more easily, you can get access to better services and experiences.

Are you going to keep the candidate's data?

We will not be keeping their data. Smile follows strict data privacy and security measures, and rest assured that every background check conducted is authorized by the candidate/employee. The data collected will only be reported to you, the employer/recruiter, and will not be shared with any third parties.

Why do candidates/employees need to connect their accounts?

Instead of uploading paperworks to verify employment history, candidates connecting their account allows for faster and more accurate background checks, simplifying the job application process and reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies in their information. It's an important step towards making the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

I'm interested. Do you offer a free trial?

You can book a quick 30-minute call with us so we can set it up for you immediately during the call!


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