Simplify Risk Assessment with Real-Time Employment Insights

Get real-time, user-authorized access to verified, comprehensive employment and income data with Smile API – your single-source solution connecting government, HR, payroll, and gig platforms for fast, accurate and secure credit and employment verification.


Multiple use cases and business models can be enabled via Smile

Buy Now, Pay Later

Get access to alternative data for credit scoring and credit decisions

Personal Lending

Streamline income

verification and minimize risk of credit defaults and non-performing loans

Earned Wage Access

Easy access to third-party employment and income data and apply consistent standards for assessing credit worthiness


Optimize loan origination process and reduce cost of compliance

Card Issuing

Reduce friction in the signup, verification and approval process


Automatically verify applicants' employment history and streamline employment document submissions

Rental Verification

Get proof of income and indications of renter's character and capacity

Data Services

Expand offerings to customers to include employment and income data


Verify your borrower's identity, income, and employment history through a single API.

Smile offers a centralized source of employment data across multiple platforms and employers with a single API.

Get the Data Access You Need, When You Need It

Are you looking to reduce nonperforming loans?

Get the validated identity and better assess the capacity of your borrowers through Smile. With Smile, you can assess credit worthiness in 10 seconds and reduce non-performing loans by 10%

Looking for a faster way to do background checks?

Our automated background check solution can help you simplify the pre-employment screening and onboarding process: reducing it from a 10-day ordeal to just 10 minutes!


CreditEase, Plug and Play invest in Smile API, an employment data startup targeting gig workers

Southeast Asia Deals Monitor: Smile API gets investment from Credit Ease and Plug and Play

BSP said its regulated institutions should assess borrowers in "a holistic and prudent manner"

Utilizing fintech to streamline employment and income data from different platforms

Smile API formally debuts in the Philippines, pitches privacy-centric digital platform

Company launches employee info system to make data accessible to financial institutions in the Philippines

Smile API to launch of a new digital platform designed to facilitate loan application approval within a few seconds

Smile API's secure employee-owned data fast tracks application for financial services


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smile API?

Smile API ioffers real-time, user-authorized access to a wide range of verified and comprehensive employment data. It streamlines the process of employment verification by consolidating information from government , HR and payroll systems, and gig economy platforms into one\easy-to-use API. This helps organizations make informed decisions for credit scoring, risk assessment, and background checks, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of their operations.

How does Smile API aid in credit decisioning, credit scoring and credit approvals?

Smile API significantly bolsters credit decisioning, and credit approvals by providing real-time, verified employment and income data. For credit scoring, Smile API offers alternative data points that enrich traditional credit models, particularly benefiting individuals with limited credit history. During credit decisioning, the reliable data streamlines processes, enabling quicker, more informed lending decisions and minimizing default risks. Consequently, Smile API facilitates swifter credit approvals, improving the overall efficiency and security of financial transactions.

How does Smile API help with fraud prevention?

Smile API aids in fraud prevention by delivering real-time, verified employment and income data that can be used to cross-verify the information provided by applicants. By having access to such accurate data, lenders and financial institutions can detect discrepancies and red flags in applications, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities. This real-time validation ensures that the credentials of potential borrowers are authenticated, thereby safeguarding against identity theft and false claims of income or employment.

How does Smile API help with pre-employment screening?

Smile helps with pre-employment screening by offering employers a seamless way to verify prospective employees' work history and income data, ensuring a trustworthy and comprehensive background check. With real-time access to a wide range of employment documents and data sources, Smile API helps companies mitigate hiring risks, confirm candidate qualifications, and make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, securing the integrity of the workforce and maintaining a high standard of recruitment practices.

How does Smile API integrate with existing systems for loan underwriting and decisioning?

Smile API is designed for seamless integration with existing loan underwriting and decisioning systems. It simplifies the data collection process by providing a unified API that connects directly with a variety of data sources. This integration enables lenders to access up-to-date employment information, facilitating a more streamlined, accurate, and efficient loan approval process.

What makes Smile API different from traditional credit bureau data?

Smile API stands out by offering alternative credit data alongside traditional credit bureau information, encompassing real-time employment and income data directly from various authoritative sources. This enriched data set supports a more holistic view of an individual's financial situation, enabling better credit risk assessment and decision-making.

How is this in compliance with the Data Privacy Act?

Smile believes in the sanctity of one's privacy and that our users are the owners of their personal data, and should always be in full control when and to whom they share their data. Smile seeks to comply with all local laws around data privacy. In the Philippines, we comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) and we help users exercise their right to Data Portability under Section 18 of the Philippine Data Privacy Act.

How does it work?

Smile offers two use cases: one for lenders and one for HR professionals. For lenders, our API integrates into their company's system to reduce nonperforming loans and increase adoption and conversion. For HR professionals, our automated background check solution helps them hire faster and more efficiently by reducing time spent and preventing falsified information.

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