Unlock Faster, Reliable Credit Decisions with Verified Employment Data

Existing solutions are not able to provide a complete picture of the character, capacity and capital of your borrowers. Smile provides instant access to the most recent, verified data about your borrowers' identity, employment and income with industry leading coverage.

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Reliable and Comprehensive Data on Borrowers

There is a lack of reliable and comprehensive data on borrowers because this data is fragmented, not centralized, and does not cover the majority of the population, especially the unbanked or the marginalized.

Smile solves this by using employment data.

Get instant access to the most recent, comprehensive, verified data about your users.

Access to complete employment data







With Smile API, you can get access to recent, verified, and comprehensive data about your borrowers 👇


Get vetted identity information from current and previous employers such as name, contacts, address, and document verification status.


Get financial information, including account balances, previous transactions, and other relevant financial information.


Get previous employment history, including job title, status, tenure, employer names, employer contact information, and others.


Get previous income information such as base pay, gross pay, net pay, and other components that make up income.


Get past ratings or performance evaluations. Get date, ratings and related work performed. Rating can be a leading indicator for credit-worthiness.


Get data on assets owned and used for employment such as vehicles, devices, equipment and others that may be useful for qualification and verification.


Get past educational background such as schools attended, date of attendance, degrees or diplomas earned and others.


Get documentary information such as ID cards, diplomas, certificates, and other types of documentary information owned by a person..

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Smile help with Credit Decisioning?

Credit decisioning becomes more efficient and effective with Smile API. By integrating employment verification into the decision-making process, lenders can gain a deeper understanding of an applicant's employment stability and income reliability. This information is crucial when assessing an individual's ability to repay a loan. By leveraging comprehensive data, credit officers can make more informed decisions, leading to optimized risk management and a reduction in default rates.

How does Smile help with Credit Scoring?

Credit scoring models benefit significantly from the additional data points provided by Smile API. Traditional credit scores primarily focus on repayment history, credit utilization, and other financial metrics. Smile API complements this by offering alternative credit data, such as employment tenure and income trends, which can be particularly valuable for thin-file or no-file individuals who might not have an extensive credit history. Incorporating employment data into credit scoring algorithms can lead to more nuanced and accurate credit scores.

How does Smile help with Loan Underwriting and Credit Decisioning?

During the loan underwriting and credit approval process, Smile API's employment and income verification can streamline application reviews, reducing the time and resources spent on manual checks. For applicants, this can mean faster turnaround times for credit approvals and a better customer experience. For lenders, it means a more efficient process with less manual labor, allowing them to focus on serving more customers and growing their business.

How do you secure your API?

All data from Smile API is encrypted at RSA 4096 with SHA-256 signing for maximum security. Additionally, Smile does not store end-user credentials at any point: we pass these directly to the data source's servers via TLS to initiate the process of information sharing.

Is your API compliant with the data privacy act?

Smile believes in the sanctity of one's privacy and that our users are the owners of their personal data, and should always be in full control when and to whom they share their data. Smile seeks to comply with all local laws around data privacy. In the Philippines, we comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) and we help users exercise their right to Data Portability under Section 18 of the Philippine Data Privacy Act.

Sharing users' data with our clients is done provided on a revocation-based model: only via explicit consent of the user via our SDK. Users can, at any point, revoke access to their data through this same means, making sure they are in full control when and to whom they share their own data.

All information is deleted and irretrievable once users have revoked access. Any other data is retained for 60 days, after which all personal data is anonymized.

We also maintain a Privacy Policy so you can be sure how your data is being used.

What data sources are available?

We have a wide range of data sources available for users to connect to, from social security institutions as well as various salary and gig platforms.

To see our full list of data sources, you can get free access to our developer portal and test our platform out for yourself. You may also book a call with us to find out more.

How scalable is your API?

Smile limits the amount of API calls that can be made to each endpoint to ensure the stability and availability of the platform for all users. At the moment we only allow clients a maximum of up to 20 requests per second per IP address across all API endpoints. Automatic expansion mechanisms and load balancing assure that service uptime is maintained.

Can we get free credits to try live data on our account?

Book a call with us to find out how to gain free credits for production mode on your account.

Which Mobile OS and Runtime does Smile's Wink SDK support?

We support the following:

IOS Native

Android Native



Our Wink Widget sits on a webview window above your native app and may be closed by you or the user at any time to go back to your app.


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